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    i open the hack and i have a ghax !! i press active hack and then the error say it failed to start and force me chose either continue or quit i press continue nothing happen ! i press quit its just quit and the hack not show up pls remove it one and for all !!
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    you can use hack in those dungeons............ dont go with a party.....finish more than 7 mins
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    Safe, just play solo :v and keep lonely, for minimum time i didn't know :v, because some dungeon while im play with out cheat clear more fast than while im use cheat
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    I have been using the hack for almost a year now - around Ain's (original) release - I think. VOID Els has a lot of ways to farm quickly. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who talked about this. But they're all pretty old anyway... So, here's an update. Best SDs are Hamel,Sander and Lanox for farming - gives a comfortable 1.2m-1.5m. Lanox sometimes gives 1.7-2m. Make sure you have a Pet with the Auto Pick Up Aura. They cost 60m in the boards. Make the most out of the free 15-30 day pet with the Auto Pick Up Aura. You can craft Magic Stones from Naeun. The first stone is hard, but the rest are easy. Always go for the random exchange since you can get S-tier stones. (I did, once. ) Always exchange for Maximization Stone and sell appropriately. Everyone buys Maximization stones. 6% is around 858 points (858/6 = 143) 8% is around 1000+ Barrier Fragments can be sold for good prices. You can farm Heroic Hell too. You can dismantle the heroic equipment that you don't need, or enhance Heroic Weapons comfortably to +8 manually. You can sell them for good ED too. Don't forget that there are free item restoration scrolls in the EC shop. Ancient Wedges are pretty good too, both for personal use or selling. Henir Normal is safe so far. Henir Challenge is better done with trustworthy friends. Add's Dungeon is safe too? You can craft a +9 amulet from Naeun if you finish the daily henir missions for 15 days straight. I'm still on my third day. You can use it or sell it. Best title so far is the one from finishing Diceon Mines 10 times with SS rank. It gives +10% ED among other things. It's quite quick to get. VOID buff is free too. Above 6 minutes every dungeon is the minimum. 15+ minutes for Henir Normal is a safe-ish time. I finished Henir Challenge around 20+ minutes accidentally one time. I'm not yet banned, fortunately. Just walk across the dungeon and don't get too excited. Watch YouTube videos on your phone to better pace yourself. LOL If you can finish the dungeon in 2 minutes without hacks, then you can basically do whatever you want.
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    I'm not sure. I was farming it for a while a few weeks ago. People are saying it's okay though. I recommend farming Apocalypse when you have Heroic Equipment already. 5-6 minutes minimum is probably safe. Though, I know about other people finishing it even faster. I guess they have the equipment for it.
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    6-7 minutes minimum, usually. The reason why it's usually only recommended to use: God Mode Lvl.1 Crit Damage Lvl.3 Crit Chance Is because the time it takes for someone to finish the dungeon with these settings are often safe. Usually around 6+ minutes. In Henir, around 15 minutes. The results from running certain dungeons with these settings are what's expected, so to say.
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    No, make the image read-only. So they can't take anymore screenshot I guess lol Just minimize the cheat and hide the taskbar Or just use 2 screen monitor(?)
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    Vcs tem q atualizar n ta mais funcionando