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  1. Turn off your firewall, and if you have Windows Defender turn it off. Then redownload the hack.
  2. Like Soru said, It's risky and a bit unstable to use, Ciel's MP Bar is probably uses a different code that the hack edits.
  3. I would only recommend using God Mode tbh, Since it's Void Full Map Attack, is a bit too fast and hard to time the runs.
  4. Since it's NA just use God Mode and Dual Attack(Depends on Class)
  5. Not much to do because it's VOID they do check dungeon runs. God Mode seems to be the safest and stable to do dungeons.
  6. It's working fine for me though o - o''
  7. Try downloading the hack again, after turning anti-virus and fully off. and then open the hack as administer.
  8. Right Click the program, and Run as Administer.
  9. Did you try using the hack before actually logging into a character?
  10. If Pepsi died in one hit, you must've used another hack. Mind if you tell me?
  11. Yes, basically this.
  12. Could you offer a Picture of the problem/error, it would help us to help you.
  13. I suggest to use God Mode Only, now since FMA is getting people ban. If you still want to use other hacks, please think about YOUR CLASS, PASSIVES, STATS, GEAR, AND DUNGEON, that you are using for it. I've used only God Mode, to get through some of the dungeon and made some gear to run Elrianode[Henir +9]. Spam SDs and party with others with no hacks to farm ED, and get +8~9 Gear. This should lower your chances of being ban. THIS IS VOID, THE STAFF DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO BAN. Think before you act, please...
  14. Not sure what's the problem, because when I get this problem I just click it, and it'll appeared. Or just restart my laptop or hack. Nothing is really wrong with hack atm, because I just used it on my alt account.
  15. Pretty sure, that's server-sided, and will break the game. Plus, it's kinda easy to get caught....