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  1. Is it safe to hack in Elrianode? Solo? In Party? Minimum time recommended?
  2. No. Autokill is not safe at all. Avoid using it.
  3. You're sure that you have disabled the protection of your antivirus too?
  4. Sometimes the hack ceases function. It's risky to have MP hack on though. It's much better to use in-game MP potions for those concerns.
  5. I'm not sure. I was farming it for a while a few weeks ago. People are saying it's okay though. I recommend farming Apocalypse when you have Heroic Equipment already. 5-6 minutes minimum is probably safe. Though, I know about other people finishing it even faster. I guess they have the equipment for it.
  6. 6-7 minutes minimum, usually. The reason why it's usually only recommended to use: God Mode Lvl.1 Crit Damage Lvl.3 Crit Chance Is because the time it takes for someone to finish the dungeon with these settings are often safe. Usually around 6+ minutes. In Henir, around 15 minutes. The results from running certain dungeons with these settings are what's expected, so to say.
  7. Oh, wow. I can't seem to open it though. It's safe to delete, I assume?
  8. Oh, really? This is the first time I've heard of this. Where did you find this?
  9. Finish dungeons in 6 minutes. Unless you're title hunting, and the requirement for it says 2 minutes, don't blaze through. I don't think Elrianode is safe to hack in yet. We'll have to ask someone more knowledgeable. You can check my post ;^ ) Get the VOID service buff, and finish the SD daily missions. Run more SDs if it's Hamel,Sander,or Lanox. Craft Unappraised Ores and random exchange it for a chance of getting (S)-tier Unidentified Stones. Always exchange it for Maximize or Critical stones, and sell them appropriately. The title I use right now - and is also extremely easy to get - is The Rules of the Jungle.
  10. Using the hack when I get the lvl.85 void equipment is usually what I do. Full map attack can also be far too fast, and even cause more frequent crashes. God mode with 1CritDamage and 3CritChance should be the highest, I think.
  11. Low lv dungeon? Like level 1-70 dungeons?
  12. Yeah, I still do it all the time. Haven't been banned yet. Though, I got bored of Add Dungeon once I got the weapon. I think it's safer to farm for Heroic Equipment first before trying Add Dungeon or Henir. As for time-- Well, I'm not sure. Probably if there aren't many people at the time. I'm in GMT +8, but I play all the time anyway.
  13. Oh, no, there's no code for mana pots-- They're just the regular Mana Potions that you can buy from Alchemist NPCs
  14. I think it'll be fine!