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  1. feel free to provide screenshots of whats going on, make sure (if ur windows 10 user turn off windows defender)
  2. Feel free to ping the mods if u got ur solution fixed so we can lock it faster otherwise locking.
  3. use it, solo runs, dont use it in pvp or ereda either if its a procing title ie: OoR title.
  4. Everything, that bsically normal GMs in officials can do, Mail logs, trade logs etc, that u already havent listed, theres more but im still cracking through their admin stuff.
  5. Most likely yes, since ur constantly getting the HP / MP back, void mods can check that stuff pretty quick + leaving HP / MP tends to crash anyways no matter how good ur specs are.
  6. Full map attack lol.
  7. a day if u honestly brainded autokill everything but since this is not ur case. - a week - month, or not even banned, depending how safe ur using hacking methods.
  8. Depending on ur Chara, the crit chance / dmg can overload due to the negative integer value crit options uses + crit passives can overload it, Awk full hack dont know if it can overload anthing but im guessing not maybe teste 1/5 - 2/5 crit chance / dmg.
  9. Not really jsut keep ur self on the low and youll be fine, and don know on the GoD OE shot bug might wanna ask others who are more active here.
  10. 1. wb, elranode is just more broken gear, where you have equip slots that are kinda like sockets in a way if that makes any sense. 2. GS have a higher secruity, thn NA atm so. Its harder to play "brainded" (i e: 5/5 crit dmg etc) so its better to take caution now of what ur doing on void. 3. Dont know which GoD bug ur talking about.
  11. try right clicking on the ad banner and refresh? Or use F5, if ur lazy to eve right click or if the first option doesnt work for you.
  12. 1. You used one hit that x5s the normal values you do in dungs, 2. YOU used it in add fusion not reccomended at all anymore uness u know how to control yourself. 3. Self control and using the search bar is a thing, use it more often and you wont get banned so esily next time.
  13. Im not xjapan but ill answer it in my point of view. EU tends to have a lil playerbase meanining its not worth te effort to help ppl use that parrticular hack, As for FR they have about the same secruity as NA & KR ( no i dont mean like same secruity bypasses theyre all different in their own way ), meaning its harderr to bypass FR than NA, and well KR is out of the question cause Nexon / KoG KR has eyed on this for quite awhile, making xJapan at fault (and the fact this client is literally based on a cheat engine client just modifed and looks different. ) If your really going wait for the hack for EU / FR to revivie go ahead, i know how the frustration feel, but sadly feeting the bigger pot is basically xJapans goal rn ( Void / NA ) as so it seems. TL ; DR wait for xJP to update it, or simply just dont use it, or buy lunaloader if u really want to i appericiate the no rage threads like some FRs tend to do. ( Anyway locked. )